Competitive companies with energy efficient industry.

Gain a competitive advantage by reducing your energy costs.

Our Services

Manage our future energy resources with the solutions we offer

Energy Management

We carry out activities related to the management and organization of energy-related systems in OIZs and industrial enterprises.

Process Optimization

We reduce or eliminate waste of time and resources, unnecessary costs and errors while achieving your business goals.

Resource Optimization

We manage the start and end dates of activities in accordance with the process, paying attention to the available resources and their suitability.


We provide mentoring and coaching services to entrepreneurs and start-ups wants to focus on sustainable energy technologies.


With our expert trainers, we provide ISO 50001, ISO 14064, energy management systems and carbon emition awareness trainings.


We identify energy management tools, targets and programs and provide expert support for the best and smooth implementation of energy management.

Our Products

Last Resource Supply Tariff

KEY 360

Source energy monitoring alert and consolidation software

Source energy monitoring, warning and software consolidation" high-energy-consuming industrial enterprises and OIZ for AMRS accounting software, billing software programs is planned as an energy optimization and cost calculation is positioned between where the current disruptions in the functioning and the aim, the end-user's energy costs by minimizing errors to prevent damage is to enable you to make a profit in terms of give.

  • Increasing the profitability of enterprises with energy saving and reducing cost
  • Low cost and accurate costing, which must be owned in accordance with the right to fair billing
  • Monitoring and consolidation of different types of energy from different distribution channels in different periods
ISO 50001

Intel 50001

ISO 50001 Management System Software

Effective energy management is no longer a requirement, except that it is useful for organizations.The best way to achieve this is to install and manage this software for the business.

  • Identify and manage risks around your future energy source
  • Monitor and measure energy use to determine where you can increase efficiency
  • Improve overall performance to reduce energy consumption and bills

About Us

A ARTI ENGINEERING was established by an expert team operating in the energy sector to meet the needs of the rapidly growing and developing energy sector. Software and hardware needs in the energy sector; energy management, energy efficiency,resource optimization and management systems such as process optimization software is developing. Our company, located in Mersin Technology Development Region, has developed itself in its field, innovating by taking KOSGEB support with continues its path with the goal of producing R & D-based technology, efficient products and services that can be used in private and public areas together with its team that follows i and current technologies.

A Artı Engineering Vision

Our Mission

  • Awareness of the vital value of energy resources for our world, developing awareness of energy efficiency and savings is to develop technological solutions and services to support the optimal use of our world's resources within the framework of need and on the basis of sustainability.

Our Vision

  • Instant improvement in the energy sector by providing technology producing high-technological solutions, operating principles, sectoral and social dimensions of his work in being a part of its contribution for the employees proud, outside stakeholders, national/international competitors and their customers sample business time.

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